We would like to warmly welcome our new intern, Veronika Strupf, to the SweCham Team!



Veronika is a German, third-year student in the International Programme for Politics and Economics from University West in Sweden.  

She is greatly interested in the subject of International Relations and economic ties in the international administrative branch. This makes SweCham an excellent workplace for her to build on the theoretical knowledge gained in the programme by gaining practical experience in a field that matches her personal interests.  

Gaining insights into different cultures and societies is a passion of hers. She has developed this passion through having previously worked at University West´s International Office, meeting classmates from all over the world by studying abroad, and re-establishing the International Student Committee from her University´s Student Union. Learning about economic ties between Thailand and Sweden and the business climate in Thailand is an exciting new opportunity to take on for her.  

Veronika will be with us until the end of December. She is looking forward to taking on challenging tasks, developing her professional skills during her internship, and working as a part of the SweCham Team. 

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