Swedish Christmas Lunch at Rembrandt Hotel, 1 December 2018


Swedish Christmas Lunch at Rembrandt Hotel, 1 December 2018

On the first day of December the TSCC organized a Christmas Lunch with about 100 people participating. In the beginning of the event there was a Lucia train organized by the Swedish Embassy and the Swedish Church where the kids sang some classic Swedish Christmas songs. After the singing it was time to taste the Swedish Christmas buffet which was then followed up by Santa entering the room, surprising everyone. Santa sat down with the kids handing out presents and made a wish to the guests before hes departure to the north, a wish to sing the Christmas song “Nu är det Jul igen”. A couple of minutes after Santa left we played Bingo, where two winners were announced, getting a chocolate calendar and the Swedish chocolate bar “Marabou chokladkaka”. Last up it was our raffle, where we had a total of 33 prizes with plenty of happy winners between all ages!

We would like to thank all our members, families and friends who joined our Christmas lunch and wish you all a happy Christmas.

We would also like to give a special thanks to our sponsors

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Raffle prize sponsors: LaZgame, Climb Central Bangkok, AVANI +, 137 Pillars, The Landmark Bangkok, Rembrandt Hotel, Black Mountain, Ichika, GLOW INN South Pattaya, GLOW Sukhumvit 5, Ramada Plaza and Husqvarna.