SweCham Webinar: Middle Income Trap


Back in 2019, two scholars from Lund University, Elizabeth Merkoulova and Elin Karlsson Nycander, who were conducting their research on the potential impact by Middle-Income Trap on Sweden-related companies in Thailand, surveyed 18 Sweden-related companies in Thailand, most o them are SweCham members.

At this SweCham webinar, they shared their research findings with us, exploring the phenomenon of Middle-Income Trap looking at Human capital, Political Regime Changes, External Factors, High-technology and Financial Instability factors.

They found that human capital is one of the big factors contributing to the middle income trap, including the lack of good technical skills and English language skills. However, they also found that the companies deal with the issue by providing in-house training for their employees. Swedish companies are very willing to collaborate and provide with knowledge and training to the locals. Moreover, the companies’ work forces are quiet young which was seen as positive.

Many warm thanks to our speakers for a great presentation which generated a lot of good discussions! Also, thank you very much to all our member participants who attended and took the time from your busy schedule to contribute to the very interactive and lively discussions about the results.