SweCham October Networking Event, 6 October 2022


The SweCham team would like to thank everyone for joining our October Networking event on 6 October at SPACES Empire tower.   

The event was attended by many of our members. We are very happy to see everyone coming to meet, socialise, and network, but more importantly to learn about the SweCham Referendum results that was conducted earlier this summer with the support of our member Rapid Asia and our Treasurer Daniel Lindgren.  

The SweCham team would like to thank both our treasurer Daniel Lindgren for his outstanding presentation and our president Peter Björk for his opening remarks. 

Thank you everyone for your participation in the discussions on the future of the Chamber! 

Also, big thanks to IWG who provided with the beautiful venue for the event! To learn more about the co-working spaces, please go to: https://www.iwgplc.com/en-gb