Sustainability Business Forum (SBF) 2022, 11 October


On 11 October 2022, we had the honour of co-organising the 5th edition of the ‘Sustainability for Business Forum 2022: Technology as Enabler’ with the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce (FTCC) and Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC) at the Bangkok Mariott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel.  

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our sponsors Acoem, Bouygues-Thai, Baker Mckenzie, Dextra, Ericsson, Greenyellow, L’oréal, Palo it, Sentinel’s, Signify, Skypoint, Supernap, Tetra Pak and VNU for making this event possible in order to inspire, connect and empower innovative projects for future sustainability. 

The mission of Sustainability for Business Forum is to provide a platform to enable connections with relevant sustainability partners and potential services to get inspired by leading sustainability initiatives and projects in Asia.  The opening ceremony was led by Mr Pornphrom N.S Vikitsreth (Advisor to Governor of Bangkok (Environmental affairs) who shared the vision of BMA and their plan action plan towards a more sustainable Bangkok.   

The event revolved around 3 different tracks with both panel discussions and duo presentations: 

Track 1 # Green Construction 

We would like to thank speakers Dr. Kanokpat Chanvaivet (Technical Director, Bouygues-Thai), Mr Hervé Lemoine (Managing Director – Chief Market Officer, Dextra), Mr Naphat Suphattanakul (Senior Vice President, Nebula MQDC) and the moderator Mr. Florian Blin (General Manager Thailand and East Program Directo, Artella) for their interesting discussion on sustainability through new products and servicess as well as the challenges remaining to go fully green in construction. Thanks to Mr Staphane Dufrenne (Chief Commercial Officer, Greenyellow) and Mr. Mongkhon Tangsiriwit (cluster vice president strategic & key accounts division, Schneider Electric) for sharing their knowledge on solutions for sustainable buildings and energy saving.  

Track 2 # Agri- and Foods Innovation 

Thanks to speakers Prof. Dharat Dahiya (Award winner urbanist and global sustainability awards) Ms Judy Cheong (Head of Brand, Sustenir) and Dr. Lyndal Hugo (Founder and CEO of Orlar) we got the opportunity to listening to an interesting discussion on the importance of commendable urban planning to enable the growth of food nearby the end-consumers in the larger cities. Mr Manuel Madani (head of Priva SE Asia) did an excellent job moderating the panel discussion and later the duo speeches by Prof Bharat Dahiya and Mr Benjamin Lephilibert (Founder, Lightblue) regarding the importance to not only measure but also reduce food wase.  

Track 3 # Sustainable digitalisation  

We would like to express our gratitude to speakers Mr. Yap Jin Yi (CEO, Supernap), Mr. Frederic Bernaroyat (Managing Director, Palo it) and Dr. Pinnaree Tea-Makorn (PhD faculty member, Sasin School of Management) for their valuable insights on sustainable digital transformation. During the panel discussion interesting topics was debated such as ideas to create a long-lasting, green and organic digitalisation of the economy and innovation-enabling policy and regulation. Furthermore, we would like to thank Mr. Richard Hurley (Managing Services Chief Operating Officer, Ericsson) and Mr. Frederic Bernaroyat for their engaging duo presentation where they demonstrated how AI technology can be used to improve rice farming and agriculture in Thailand.  We would also like to show our appreciation to our moderator Mr. Bob Fox (Chair of JFCCT/EABC ICT/Digital Economy Committee) who moderated both the panel discussion and the duo presentation masterfully and to extend our thanks to Dr. Pojanath Bhatanacharoen (Executive Director, SweCham) for a great opening of the event. 

Plenary Session and CEO Panel 

Baker McKenzie and speaker Dr. Muanjit Chamsilpa (Environmental Specialist) did an admirable presentation on key sustainability messages. Among the topic discussed were that sustainability is synonymous with survival and success, the growth of sustainable consciosness, the development of voluntary frameworks now becoming mandatory regulations and that many companies are now taking steps towards a more sustainable future. 

We deeply appreciated the CEO Panel discussion that consisted of speakers Mr Patrice Pischedda (Asia COO, Acoem), Ms Ratanasiri Tilokskulchai (Managing Director, Tetra Pak Thailand), Mr Jagannathan Srinivasan (Managing Director, Signify Commercial Thailand) and Mr. Igor Maurell (Head of Ericsson Thailand). They presented as thoutght leaders o their industries and shared how companies could become closer to net zero supply chain.  

We would like to warmly thank all our SweCham members who came to the event to support sustainability initiatives in Asia. The SweCham also wishes to thank our Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Jon Åström Gröndahl for his considerate presence at the event and a special thank you to our President Mr. Peter Björk, our vice presidents Mr Jan Eriksson and Mr Lars Andersson as well as our Treasurer Mr Daniel Lindgren for their participation. 

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who attended the event and we hope everyone left feeling inspired and empowered to proceed with effective and innovative strategies with environmental, social and economic performance in mind!