Welcome New SweCham Intern Members!

The Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to warmly welcome our new interns: Aiyar Chanto (Deela) and Panupol Kongsinrat (Bew)! 


Aiyar is a fourth-year student from Mahidol University International College majoring in International Relations and Global Affairs.  

She is enthusiastic about learning and gaining new experiences. She believes that being able to apply what she learned as an International Relations student in the business-related field would be beneficial for her in the future to continue her career journey. Therefore, learning from all the tasks and activities given during her internship with the SweCham is the best opportunity to allow her to express her knowledge in the business setting. Aiyar is ready to undertake any challenges during her internship! 


Panupol is also currently a fourth-year student at Mahidol University International College, majoring in International Relations and Global Affairs. He is interested in learning about marketing, social media, and event coordination which align perfectly with the tasks that he will be taking on as an intern in the event and marketing position with us. 

He is optimistic that his past work and study experiences have brought him some essential skills, giving him the confidence to contribute to the work of the SweCham. Even though he believes that starting an internship can be challenging, he is excited about the prospect of further developing his skills and experiences and learning new things as a part of the SweCham team. 

As an organisation, we are committed to supporting the growth and development of our interns. We look forward to providing interns with the resources and guidance that they need to succeed during their time with us. We are excited to see all that they will accomplish during their internship, and we are confident that they will make a valuable contribution to the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. 


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