Update on Immigration Issues – Thai Immigration has recently introduced:

Update on Immigration Issues – Thai Immigration has recently introduced:

A relaxation of an employing company’s financial criteria to support an application by a foreign employee to extend their non-immigrant visa category ‘B’. This appears to be influenced by the current global financial crisis.

The limiting to 15 days only of permission to remain in the Kingdom for foreigners who simply cross the border on a ‘visa run’ for foreigners who would otherwise get permission to stay in the Kingdom for 30 days. Foreigners who enter by air will still get the 30 days. This appears to be an effort by the Thai Immigration to cut out (or reduce) the use of ‘visa runs’ by foreigners who wish to remain indefinitely in the Kingdom.

Foreigners – particularly visiting relatives or friends – should be made aware that if they apply for a 60 day Tourist Visa before entering Thailand by paying a fee of THB 1,900 to an Immigration Office within Thailand they can extend that Tourist Visa by another 30 days thereby increasing the stay to a total of 90 days. Because relatives and friends frequently arrive in Thailand without a visa and get a permission to stay only for 30 days they have difficulty to extend their stay.

Please also note that Thai Immigration has ceased to issue re-entry permits at airports. All re-entry permits must now be applied for at the major Thai Immigration Offices and not at the Airport Immigration offices.

Please consult with your legal advisor and/or Thai Embassies / Consulates for further advice.


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