The TSCC’s official statement supporting the SVIV’s resolution ‘Reglering av sjukvård och försäkringar för utlandssvenskar boende utanförEU/EES och Schweiz’

The Swedish expats community is disadvantaged in the current insurance system. The Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce sees the problems and is actively engaging with the Swedes Worldwide or SVIV’s resolution and encourages the Swedish government to reconsider for more options and alternatives for Swedes living abroad.

The Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce agrees that there exist problems that are brought forward in Swedes Worldwide (SVIV)’s resolution. This stems from the fact that Swedish expats in Thailand are not part of the Swedish national insurance system.

Many expats who have been working for shorter or longer time in Thailand decide to remain either part-time or full-time in Thailand when they retire because of the often strong connections that they have with the country after many years.  The increasingly demanding conditions for long-term visas require retirees to have private insurance.  This requirement, as stated in SVIV’s resolution, might be impossible to obtain because of age or pre-existing conditions.  Therefore, these retirees have no option but to return to Sweden.

This does not benefit the relations between Sweden and Thailand from a business perspective. The Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce therefore fully supports the suggestions that are introduced in SVIV’s resolution and further hope for a change.

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Please see the full announcement from the TSCC here.


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