The Complaint Centre for Foreign investors services

If you experience corruption by local government officials, how do you put in a complaint?

The Complaint Center for Foreign Investors is a service provided for the foreigners who stay in Thailand (including expats and tourists) who wish to complain about any misconduct from state officials and public enterprises.

To submit a complaint:
– It is important to identify the perpetrator so adding all the details that you can of the perpetrator (name, job title, organisational affiliation) would be helpful.
– Other evidence, such as documents, photos, VDO or voice recording and witnesses are also helpful for the investigation, if you cannot identify them by name.
– You can submit your complaint anonymously. However, it is difficult for the Complaint Center to get back to you to ask for further clarification if no contact details are provided.
– If possible, do appoint a representative, for example a lawyer, who could help coordinate with the Complaint Center in case you are not in Thailand all the time to carry the case forward.
– The Complaint Center also welcomes visits if you wish to submit the complaint in person as this could help them clarify details with you on the spot and gather information and evidence to process the complaint.

To see an example of a Complaint letter and more information, download the file below.

Should you have further questions, please contact The Complaint Center for Foreign Investors at 025026670-80 or email [email protected]


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