Team Building Day, 4 November 2022

On 4 November it was time for a Team Building Day at the SweCham office! We headed out to Sukhumvit to have a go at the ‘infected lab’ escape room where we had 90 minutes to break out of the room and save the day. Through teamwork, dedication and a little bit of luck we managed to escape (albeit maybe a little later than the 90 min mark) and then travelled back to Samyan.  

As per SweCham tradition, we then had a photo shoot in the Samyan Mitrtown Tunnel. The tunnel was still decorated in a spooky manner after the previous weeks Halloween celebrations, and we decided to go for a black and white theme to blend in with the surroundings.  

The teambuilding day finished with a lovely meal together and later dessert, the day was a great opportunity to properly welcome our two new interns to the group, learn more about each other and relax. We look forward to more fun days together!  


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