Sweden is the Top Innovator in the EU

Image credits: Shutterstock/Flaticon.  

Once Again! Sweden has maintained its position as the top innovator in the European Union. 

The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) has compared the innovation performance of EU member states, other European countries, and several neighbouring nations.  It was found that Sweden achieved a score of 135.5 out of 150 percent of the EU average. Moreover, Sweden also outperformed most EU countries in terms of its innovation performance by 10.5 percent this year. 

The success of Sweden’s innovation is attributed to cooperation between its private and public sectors, as well as its international-level scientific co-publications.  Additionally, the culture of collaboration in Sweden, partly due to its small population, is also a contributing factor.  

However, issues such as restrictive immigration regulations and the diversity in human resources in terms of backgrounds, skills, and gender and sex dimensions could potentially hinder Sweden’s innovation in the future. 

Also, big warm congratulations to our Nordic neighbours Finland and Denmark who have also maintained the top spots as innovators from the EU! 

For further information: http://bitly.ws/yTmp


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