SweCham’s new Premium Plus Partner: Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited

The SweCham Team is very pleased to announce our new Partner for 2022. Big thanks to Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited who has joined in supporting the Chamber as our latest Premium Plus Partner!

Around the world, billions of litres of water, milk, juice, and other liquid foods are consumed every day. Tetra Pak is a company that has been finding ways to best support food and beverage. Over 60 years, Tetra Pak has developed a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the​ taste of the products inside.

Currently, Tetra Pak is the only international company in the world able to provide integrated processing, packaging and distribution line, and plant solutions for food manufacturing. This serves customers the advantage of the ability to get multi-product solutions from a single source. 

Tetra Pak is very active on a number of issues including driving sustainability transformation, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), sustainable packaging toward a low carbon circular economy, and building secure and sustainable food systems.

The SweCham Team is very proud to be supporting Tetra Pak on this journey in search of the world’s most sustainable packaging!


Learn more about Tetra Pak at: https://www.tetrapak.com/en-th 


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