SweCham visits ‘The Foreign Investors Complaint Center Publication Project’

On 15 March, members of the SweCham team attended an anti-corruption event hosted by the Office of Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission, also known as PACC..Dr Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand made the opening remarks through VDO call and this was followed by several interesting speakers.

PACC is launching ‘The Foreign Investors Complaint Center Publication Project’, making the process more transparent and electronic to encourage more people to speak up.

PACC has a mission to reduce and eliminate corruption in Thailand, both within Thai society and for foreign investors. To achieve this goal PACC are under the supervision of the Thai Government and adhere to Thai laws.

PACC aims to get everyone on board and encourage individuals and companies to speak up if they witness corruption or are victims of corruption. A long-term goal is to ensure that corruption eventually stops and acts as an operation center for foreigners with any complaints.

PACC offers full witness protection and it is possible to report corruption or bribery under a hidden name. A complaint can be reported at any moment in time, even outside of office hours. PACC guarantees that a filed complaint shall be dealt with within 90 days.

The SweCham was represented by our President Mr Peter Björk, Project Coordinator Linda Jakobsson and Policy and Communication Coordinator Martin Andersson.

To contact PACC:

Hotline: 1206 press 9 (for English)

Website: www.pacc.go.th

Email: [email protected]


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