Team Sweden took a ‘Paternity Leave’ pledge

On 7, June 2022, Team Sweden, consisting of the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, the Thai – Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and Business Sweden, together with the other 12 Swedish companies including IKEA, Volvo, ABB, Electrolux, AstraZeneca, Foreo, Rapid Asia, Fitness24Seven, Capaciton, Wallander & Sson, Global Bugs, and Atlas Copco voluntarily came together to take the pledge in offering their employees paternity leave.


Sweden is the first country in the world to initiate parental leave since 1974 in which both parents will get paid for up to 480 days. Both father and mother are also allowed to take 240 parental leave each and can extend this benefit up until the child/children in the age of 8.  With these equal rights that both parents receive, it encourages equal roles for the Swedish parents to take care of the child/children as teamwork rather than push the role only on the mothers.


As a result, Sweden currently has the highest employment rate of female workers with a percentage of 80.3% of women in the labor market, indicating the success of the policy of paternity leave. This largely contributes to Sweden’s prosperity in the economy as no one is left behind based on their gender, generating the best interest for everyone.


To highlight Sweden’s parental policy and its significance, you can visit an ongoing photo exhibition hosted by the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok at Bangkok Art And Culture Centre(BACC) from 31 May until 12 June 2022. The photo exhibition is taken by Elin Berge, a documentary photographer, showcasing the equal opportunity of parenting. 



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