Munkfors’ Environmental Responsibilities Consciousness

Because of our Scandinavian heritage and culture, caring for the environment comes naturally to Munkfors.

Being a Swedish company and located in a beautiful environment, Munkfors company is very conscious of its environmental responsibilities. Therefore, Munkfors strives to ensure that our manufacturing processes have minimal impact on both the natural and working environment.

Munkfors’ bandsaw blades, band knives and slicer blades are employed in environments where high and continuous output is required and hygiene is a must. Although our products make up a small part of overall production costs, they are critical for your operating reliability and output.

SWEDEV AB is committed to long-term and sustainable development by offering and developing products and services with the least possible internal and external environmental impact.

Swedev AB is a Swedish company with many years of experience in product development and production within a highly specialised industry. The company supplies the market with printing doctor blades for flexographic and gravure printing machines. Swedev offers special/own composed steel and knowledge in achieving highest possible quality, that fits your demands and expectations. The SWED/CUT® doctor blades are made of genuine Swedish steel and the best there is to get, worldwide.

Munkforssågar AB and Swedev AB are based in Munkfors, central Sweden, where all production takes place.

The companies are part of Munkfors Industri AB, the MIAB Group. Munkfors and Swedev have extensive experience and a high level of competence on steel production.


Munkfors Swedev Asia Co., Ltd.
319 Chamchuri Square Room No. 24146, 24th Floor

Phayathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330  
Mobile: 085-254-5562

Email: [email protected]


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