LOKALT A unique collection from IKEA. Promote social entrepreneurs to create opportunities and livelihood for local artisans.

IKEA launches a unique collection called “LOKALT” in June 2021, In collaboration with local designers and social enterprises from 3 countries, namely Thailand, Jordan and India, conveying contemporary designs combined with local handicrafts. The Designed is of household items that reflect culture, way of life, and traditional craftsmanship. It aims is to promotes careers for local artisans in each country with this unique collection, “LOKALT.”

LOKALT collection consists of Thai designer duo Ployphan Teerachai and Decha Atjananan, founder of THINKK design studio from Bangkok, Tania Haddad from Amman, Jordan, and Akanksha Deo, an IKEA designer based in Delhi, India, with social business organizations in charge of producing works for the collection (LOKALT). They are also responsible for the development area such as the Doi Tung Development Project from Thailand, Jordan River Foundation from Jordan, Industree, and Diamond, a group of local female carpet weavers in India. A unique collection of handmade work creates by skilled artisans and helps promote careers for people in the region with the most significant demand for jobs.

IKEA has been working with social entrepreneurs around the world for many years. Through the IKEA Social Entrepreneur initiative, the aim is to create a better everyday life and build long-term careers for women and vulnerable groups, such as refugees, by working with local designers and social enterprises. To produce products that are a modern handicraft inspired by each country’s traditions and way of life. Under this project, IKEA has been developing products with artisans since 2013. To date, over 30,000 jobs have been created for craftsmen and small community businesses. This journey will continue.

Maria O’Brian, Creative Leader at IKEA Sweden. 

Maria O’Brien, designer on various pieces from IKEA’s new Lokalt collection.
(Images via IKEA)

The team leader designer, talked about the inspiration of the collection. LOKALT says, “We look for designers with a modern perspective. I want to show that handicrafts don’t always have to look traditional or outdated. But can use new designs and techniques to bring cultural heritage to the future era and be used in the home of the new generation with practical functions. We have the opportunity to work with a team of young designers from each country so that they can communicate directly with a team of local artisans. IKEA has also learned handicrafts and cultures from different countries.” 

Young designers from 3 cities: 

Bangkok, Thailand.

Designers from THINKK design studio by Ployphan Teerachai and Decha Atchananan.

IKEA has worked with two designers from THINKK design studio by Ployphan Teerachai and Decha Atchananan. Through cooperation with a team of pottery craftsmen from the Doi Tung Development Project, It became a social enterprise and a long-standing partner of IKEA in 2007, creating jobs for ethnic groups in northern Thailand. For Collection LOKALT two designers present Thai handicrafts and Thai table settings to eat together by adding modernity and functionality.

Decha Atchananan and Ployphan Teerachai talked about the work this time. “THINKK design studio often combines contemporary Thai design with traditional handicrafts. This collection reflects the handicraft or craftsmanship imprinted with fingerprints on the surface of plates, bowls, vases and reflects tradition. The tradition of humility to give things to elders by using both hands to deliver items. So we added two handles on top of the ceramic bowl for LOKALT”

Amman, Jordan

Tania Haddad, the fashion designer of Tania George, conveys the charm of Amma, the capital city of Jordan, through embroidery in the form of buildings, familiar corners of the city are interspersed with the tradition of kite flying during spring. Made by artisans from the Al Karmeh Center, the Al Karmeh Center operates under the Jordan River Foundation. This non-profit organization addresses the shortage of careers for Jordanian women, including refugee women.

Delhi, India

IKEA-based Indian designer Akanksha Deo presents an intriguing piece of
A woven lampshade. From banana fiber which is a waste material from the factory, through its partnership with Indian social enterprise (Industree), rural women are empowered and give opportunities to earn a living in handicrafts. Including cushion covers and rugs woven by a group of female weavers from Diamond, she brings contemporary Indian shapes to life. A rug handwoven from 100% wool represents a sustainable, renewable, and durable material.

Meet the collection. LOKALT Contemporary home decoration design Combined with the wisdom of local artisans Available from June 3, 2021, at IKEA stores, Bangna and available online at IKEA.co.th from June 7, 2021.


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