Have you ever wondered how the ISSA™ toothbrush by FOREO was born?

Photo credit: FOREO 

During a family vacation, the founder of FOREO suspected his children were faking that they had brushed.  He went to check if the bristles were wet, but his children were not lying because he noticed the bristles remained wet long after brushing, growing their own bacteria gardens. 

In their first silicone sonic toothbrush ISSA™, the nylon was replaced by a 35x more hygienic silicone.  In addition, it is clinically proven to improve overall oral hygiene by up to 140%.  They got ‘Glee’ and ‘Glumm’ Smile helpers, buttons that light up a happy face if your kid has brushed or a sad face if it has been more than 12 hours since the last brushing.  ISSA™ kids also comes in the form of four colourful animal characters, including Rose Nose Hippo, Merry Berry Shark, Mellow Yellow Gator, and True-Blue Pony, adding some fun for your kids when brushing their teeth! 

For more details about the ISSA™ toothbrush, please visit https://www.foreo.com/issa-kids 

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