CCM and Tellus Aviation Academy Sweden collaboration on pilot training

CCM and Tellus Aviation Academy Sweden has entered into an Agreement to Represent, Market and Resell pilot training in Thailand and the ASEAN countries.

Scope of the Agreement:

TELLUS will provide the following training courses to CCM’s customers:

  1. ICAO to EASA license conversion course, distance learning
  2. ICAO to EASA license conversion course, residential
  3. Integrated ATPL(A) course
  4. Modular ATPL(A) course
  5. Cabin Crew Initial Attestation Course

The training will be provided by Tellus Aviation Academy Sweden at Stockholm-Skavsta International Airport, Sweden.

“We are extremely satisfied to enter into this cooperation with Tellus, says CCMs MD Peter Bjork. Even though the airlines currently are having a difficult time because of the Corona crises, we firmly believe that there is a huge demand to train and certify Pilots and Cabin crew for the medium and long term.”

“Tellus Aviation Academy is looking forward to the cooperation with Mr. Peter Bjork and the team in CCM, says Mr. Bjorn Winberg CEO of Tellus. The airline industry is facing just now a hard time due to Covid-19, but it will come back and then it will be a huge need for airline-related positions in Asia and more specifically in South East Asia. There is a forecast need of 800 000 pilots worldwide in the period of 2020-2040, and 25% of this is the need in Asia!”

Tellus Aviation Academy Sweden AB is a leading EASA Approved Training Organisation that delivers customized training solutions for airline operators and industry professionals. The company is registered in the Swedish Companies Registration Office and headquartered at Stockholm-Skavsta International Airport.

With a comprehensive range of EASA approved training courses, Tellus Aviation Academy has firmly established itself as a trusted training partner for airlines and crew resourcing companies in the global aviation community.

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CCM Center for Change Management Ltd. has been active in Thailand and Southeast Asia since 1998. The founder Mr. Peter Bjork is a former army officer who holds a Master degree in Change Management from Sweden. He has been active leading business development projects in Thailand and Southeast Asia for more than 20 years. Clients come from Scandinavia, Thailand and Southeast Asia, from the public and private sectors e.g. universities and government organisations, manufacturing and service companies.

For more information go to or contact Peter Bjork [email protected] Mob +66897740118

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