Can ASEAN be a Global Higher Education Destination? – FCCT

Last Night TSCC Crew participated in Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand’s event “Can ASEAN be a Global Higher Education Destination? – A panel discussion” Three insightful speakers, Associate Professor Nantana Gajaseni, Professor James Gomez, Ph.D., and Mr. Wesley Teter discussed about the importance of quality education.

AUN-QA which is the endorsement that led to a progressive development towards institutional quality assurance and support further regional efforts to enhance the quality assurance of higher education in ASEAN, under ASEAN University Network (AUN). “We have to improve by changing the culture in the universities, not by using more money” said Associate Professor Nantana.

Professor James Gomez added that the main problem of ASEAN education is nationalistic and recruitment issues. First, there is no international policy that guide and unite all sectors in different universities. Second, salary of international staffs is low in ASEAN when compared to the rest of the world, expect in Singapore. There is a problem of salary gap between national elite and international staffs as the national elite also except all staff, regardless of nation, should receive same income. Third, only the local can publish their research in some countries. Fourth, the language barrier has been used as an excuse to avoid the integration of staff.

Lastly, Mr. Wesley Teter brought up an important that point that an economic growth is not a concern in ASEAN since it has been stable for over two years now. What we need is a constructive way to talk about the problem. He introduced us the three overlapping circle: authority, ability and acceptance which are important tools to tackle the complication in ASEAN.

To sum up, there is no doubt that ASEAN can be a global higher education destination in the future. There is a clear solution and it is making more progress. Thank you all three knowledgeable speakers, Associate Professor Nantana Gajaseni, Professor James Gomez, Ph.D., and Mr. Wesley Teter, for a sagacious information and FCCT for hosting such an informative and a friendly discussion. We are looking forward to join your next discussion again in the future.


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