Breakfast Seminar on 08 Nov 2012


Breakfast Seminar on 08 Nov 2012

On Thursday 08 Nov, 2012, the Nordic Chambers arranged a Breakfast Seminar on the topic “Moving Production of High Quality Products to an Industrial Country” by Mr. Jens W. Werner Board Chairman of Georg Jensen, Thailand.

At the seminar the speaker was shortly introduced by the president of the Thai Danish Chamber Mr. Peter Emil Romhild, all members and guests were also warmly welcomed. The speaker Mr. Werner started with to tell the story about the company and why and how they were moving the production from Denmark to Thailand.

He took the starting point in the two companies Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen and stressed that by allocating production to Thailand it helped these two companies to survive and become more successful.

Mr. Werner further emphasized that moving Georg Jensen products partly to Asia was met with skepticism by the vast majority in the company back home in Denmark. Nevertheless, by doing this the cost of the workforce decreased which in turn made that the company could afford a higher number of skilled workers. The result was very positive.

Moving production to Thailand involved several challenges, but in general the company tried to understand and deal with all the challenges in the best possible way. Mr. Werner explained that, it is important to be a well-respected member of the society. The company therefore took good care of their social responsibility and also became environmental friendly. Finally, he stressed that by moving production to Thailand both the quality and the quantity of the products increased, which lead the company to become successful.

The seminar continued with a questions and answers session and in the end Mr. Werner showed the participants a short video concerning Royal Copenhagen, which was interesting and fascinating.

We at the TSCC would like to thank all participants for joining us and Mr. Werner for sharing with us a very interesting story about the company.




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