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JU collaborate internationally, nationally, regionally and locally, through student projects, research collaborations, customized courses and participation in different networks. Our engineering majors are; construction engineering, computer engineering, informatics, mechanical engineering, product development, production systems, and industrial engineering, management and business. We encourage students to do their Internship and thesis work in cooperation with a company in Thailand and Southeast Asia. As a company, you can cooperate with students for a period of 2-12 months. So far, we have had over 100 students that have done a thesis work or Internship in Thailand.

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  • Exchange studies, Intership, international campus
  • The international Campuses of the School of Engineering (JTH-IC) are our nodes for implementation of education and research in an international environment. By means of JTH-IC, we offer students to do their internship or thesis abroad, in collaboration with a company, and usually in combination with academic studies. JTH-IC promotes Swedish companies that operate globally, but also other organisations, who are in need of manpower, skills, research and development. We also offer companies customized training courses for the employee as well as distance courses.

Representative 1

  • Roy Andersson
  • Associate Dean International Affairs, Professor in Quality and Logistics Management
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Representative 2

  • Kent Salomonsson
  • Associate Professor of Computational Mechanics
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