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We offer market leading solutions within the Customer Experience Management (CEM) category designed by Qmatic to support great face-to-face experiences in your store, branch or hospital. We also offer innovative, efficient and secure integration gateways to other ecosystems to enable you to deliver seamless customer journeys. We provide a full range of products all the way to large scale enterprise solutions spanning many branches and countries. Empower your customers with tools that allow them to choose between services, check-in for appointments, finding the way, or simply to take a ticket to a queue.

  • 1350/267-272 Thai Rong Tower, Pattanakarn Road, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250, Thailand
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  • +66 (0)2 036 0220
  • SI and SW Solutions Development Company

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  • Subhash Chand Takur
  • Managing Director and CEO
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