Jin Wellbeing Company Visit 2022


SweCham members together with members of SWEA and the Svenskgruppen Bangkok visited Jin Wellbeing County on Friday, 22nd April.

Jin Wellbeing County is a residential complex for senior citizens which offers an active lifestyle to the retirees as well as innovative medical care. It is a subsidiary of Thonburi Hospital and the Thonburi Healthcare group.

SweCham was given an opportunity to explore Jin Wellbeing County which is full of lifestyle facilities. The facilities are designed to take care of the elderly and retirees. In the apartment complex, each room is equipped with emergency measures at the ready at all times. The facilities also provide places for relaxation and activities that give the elderly entertainment and knowledge on healthy lifestyles. The location is environmentally friendly with a universal design that is convenient for everyone to access. 

After exploring the facilities and the residential area, we enjoyed having lunch in the dining room with healthy food and beverages offered by Jin Wellbeing. During the Afternoon sessions, Khun Bo Olsén, a Computer Entrepreneur, provided helpful advice about retiring in Thailand, mainly, on what to consider when retiring, such as insurance, financial stability, and personal connections. We would like to give a special thanks to Khun Bo Olsén for sharing his personal experience in retiring in Thailand.

We continued to explore the Thonburi Burana Hospital, which is located inside Jin Wellbeing County compound, established in order to urgently take care and respond to the medical essentials of the elderly in the residence. 

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the company visit. Also, big thanks to Khun Björn Richardsson, General Manager and his team at Jin Wellbeing County for offering a warm welcome, delicious lunch, beautiful locations, perfect services, and arrangements to explore their facilities.

For more information go visit: https://www.jinwellbeing.com/