Event recap: CEO, Atlas Copco Group Webinar



Atlas Copco´s decentralised and collaboration-based approach to driving innovation and reaching sustainability goals has been at the heart of last week’s webinar. Over 100 participants participated in the APAC SwedCham webinar with the special speaker Mr. Mats Rahmström, President and CEO of Atlas Copco Group. Ms. Eugenia Fabon Victorino, Head of Asia Strategy at SEB, acted as the moderator.  

Key factors that Mr. Rahmström mentioned as foundation for 150 years of sustainable success are innovation and orientation towards creating value for customers. Besides that, challenging staff and the company as a whole through a decentralised organisational structure and lifelong learning are core characteristics of the company. 

Furthermore, the discussions focused on market share and Asia’s importance as a ‘local’ market, especially south-east Asia and China. Mr. Mats Rahmström emphasised the questions such as how Asia can attract more foreign investments and how environmental goals can be improved in the region. In the concluding remarks, we reflected on what role companies play in that dynamic.  

Overall, the webinar offered an interesting insight into Atlas Copco´s goals and dynamics.  We are looking forward to more events of this kind in the future! 

Special thanks to the speaker Mr. Mats Rahmström and moderator Ms. Eugenia Fabon Victorino. Big thanks and big congratulations to the SwedCham Singapore for hosting this successful event!  

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