Crystal Ball with Amata, 10 February


On 10 February we had the honour of being hosted by Khun Vikrom Kromadit and Amata for the SweCham Networking: Crystal Ball with Amata event on the rooftop of the Amata Headquarter at the Kromadit building.

Special thanks to our three amazing speakers for engaging presentations about the future in their industries:

  • Dr. Maetinee Hemrit talked about ‘Collaborative Works for Financial Resilience and Beyond’
  • Mr. Lars Svensson from Wallander & Sson talked about ‘Social Entrepreneurs – The new drivers of systemic change’
  • Mr. Benny Mattsson from Autoliv talked about ‘The prospects in the automobile industry and sharing experience operating in Amata’

Thank you too very much to all who attended and made this event an amazing experience for all of us.

We are most thankful to Khun Vikrom Kromadit and Amata and also really appreciate the support from Khun Nong, Khun Fon and Khun Ann at Amata who provided perfect arrangement, beautiful venue, and delicious food.